We, at Alinda Banica Business Consultancy, are proud to announce that our fellow Associate Consultant, Arina Florescu, will preside the most significant session organized by the European Youth Parliament (EYP) this year, between September 4 and 8.

The EYP Oradea Forum 2017 will focus on Economy, Foreign Affairs, Environment, Security & Defense and on Human Rights. As President of the Forum, Mrs. Arina Florescu is in charge not only for the preparation of the Officials and the Delegates but will hold numerous pieces of training on Chairing, Team Building, Conflict and Time Management. Our colleague and EYPer will lead the General Assembly to, an adapted version of the one taking place in the actual European Parliament.

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is a unique educational program that brings together young people from all over Europe to discuss current topics in a parliamentary setting. Since its creation back in 1987, hundreds of thousands of young people have taken part in regional, national and international sessions, formed friendships and made international contacts across and beyond borders. The EYP has thus made a vital contribution towards European unity and bridging gaps between cultures.

”The EYP encourages independent thinking and initiative in young people and facilitates the learning of crucial social and professional skills”, says Mr. Florescu. ”Today, the EYP is one of the largest European platforms for political debate, intercultural encounters, European civic education and the exchange of ideas among young people in Europe. The EYP network is present in 40 European countries, where thousands of young people are active as volunteers. The entire system organizes almost 600 events every year, the one starting today in Oradea being one of the most significant on the EYP’s agenda this year”.

Arina, together with the Officials’ Team is going to make sure that the level of the information provided is highly academic, from the research to the final resolution. ”Running such an important event represents for Arina a once in a lifetime opportunity to share her passion and to help the development of other young people into politically aware and responsible citizens. The young participants will get accustomed to the  European political thinking while promoting intercultural understanding”, explains principal consultant Alinda Banica the enthusiasm with which she encouraged the participation of her Associate Consultant at the European Youth Forum this September.

The best of luck to our colleague, Arina!

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