Financial and funding consultancy

The first step in financial consultancy is to make a thorough analysis of company financial statements. Quite often during this stage, solutions are found to company problems, together with the shareholders. Next step is the identification of short- or long-term funding solutions to clients’ projects or assistance during the sale/merger process.

We provide funding consultancy to companies in various areas: from computer game importers and companies that design and implement security systems, to building companies, farmers, dairy and bakery producers as well as companies in the pharma industry.

Accounting and tax consultancy

The companies we represent, often need expert tax consultancy on complicated cases and issues. That is why we identified such consultancy experts to provide our clients with reliable and relevant support.

Legal advising

High quality and prompt legal advice are difficult to find. We have managed to build up and provide our clients with a network of experts in the field, whose contribution is paramount in funding, merger and acquisition transactions as well as in commercial disputes.

Insurance consultancy

As insurance brokers, we provide our clients, companies and individuals, with an integrated system enabling them to get offers from several insurers, offers likely to meet their needs, with customized coverage and assistance in case of damage.

Moreover, the educational component, with an ethical principle as a core, is extremely important: quite often, clients are not aware of the risks their insurance policy covers or that they can, even without any additional cost, add new clauses to cover the risks they are exposed to, according to their area of work.

Good insurance consultancy can prevent a company from bearing unjustified expenses related to insurance policies, repairs and/or maintenance, and even to discontinuance of activity and decrease in profitability due to contingency.

Business Intelligence

Our experience proved that having a thorough knowledge of the persons/entities we develop commercial relations with is a must, especially when the amounts of money involved in the process are quite substantial.

Thus, we provide our clients with Business Intelligence services both in their relations with third parties and for auditing of their own systems security.

IT Consultancy and ERP Implementation

Choosing the right IT solution, likely to meet both present and future needs, yet without exceeding the budget, is a challenge for each and every manager.

We respond to this challenge providing project management and consultancy during all stages of hardware acquisition and software implementation, as follows:

  • Documenting the need and defining acceptance criteria;
  • Selection of suppliers;
  • Comparison of technical offers;
  • Implementation, monitoring and checking of the solution as chosen;
  • Checking if acceptance criteria are met.
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