Alinda Bănică – Principal Consultant

Alinda has got over 16 years of experience in the financial field and she has worked as an independent consultant for 11 years. A few facts about her activity over the past 10 years: raising capital of more than EUR 150 million (from Romania and abroad) for Romanian companies, delivery of seminars and courses on financial instruments that protect against currency or price fluctuations of different goods, financing Romanian companies operating in agriculture (steady promotion of this field on international conferences), restructuring of several companies that led to improved financial ratings.

Alinda is a BD in Betriebswirtschaftslehre from the Academy for Economic Studies in Bucharest and a BS in Droit Européen des Affaires from Franco-Romanian Law College of European Studies, University of Bucharest.

Foto Credit: Radu Chindriș

Arina Florescu – Associate Consultant

Currently, Arina is studying Betriebswirtschaftslehre within the Academy for Economic Studies in Bucharest and brings a limpid vision to our company.

Arina’s involvement in the sessions of the European Youth Parliament helped her broaden her knowledge of the economic law and valuable debate, to improve her negotiation and organizing skills. Arina manages to combine these abilities with her analytical thinking and with her passion for economy and finance, easily understanding the factors that affect a company both at micro economic and macro economic levels.


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